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Meet Kelly

Kelly Dewsnip veterinary physiotherapist

Hi, I'm Kelly, Chartered Physiotherapist based in Wincanton, Crewkerne and Weymouth.

I proudly earned my Physiotherapy degree from the University of Hertfordshire back in 2005. Seeking to deepen my knowledge and bring the best to your pets, I leaped into a Master's degree at the Royal Veterinary College, qualifying in 2009. 

My love for animals started from an early age. I was only 13 years old when I fist started volunteering at my Aunts Hydrotherapy Centre. It was also the time I welcomed my first dog, a loyal Border Collie, who opened the door to the exciting world of competitive canine sports. Fast forward, and I've trained working spaniels in agility, gun dog activities, and even the art of scent work.

What makes my approach special? Well, I've seamlessly woven my background in canine care and sports into my physiotherapy practices. Imagine the perfect blend of expertise and a genuine love for pets—all aimed at helping working, competition, and companion animals reach their full physical potential, steer clear of injuries, and bounce back from trauma or surgery.

From rabbits to reptiles, I treat them all. I truly believe every animal deserves our help, and am very comfortable working with animals who may not be comfortable with physical touch. 

 I'm here to make sure your pet is a happy and healthy one because your pets deserve nothing but the best care.

Please click the button  below to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. 


photography by Louisa Jane


"I cannot recommend Kelly enough,  She has helped me so much with my dog, who has been struggling with mobility issues. Her knowledge and expertise is second to none and I am so grateful for all of her help and support."


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